Top 10 VPN providers

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NordVPN has been one of the leading VPN providers for years, and it definitely does not disappoint. With great speeds, a fleet of reliable servers, all of the latest protocols, and a slew of unique features, NordVPN has earned the right to be at the top of our list!
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Surfshark quickly made a name for itself as one of the leading VPN providers in the world. With top-notch encryption and protection, unlimited device support, and some of the best streaming unblocking capabilities, Surfshark is quickly becoming one of the world's most favorite VPN providers.
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ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN providers not only in terms of security but in terms of speed as well. The provider scores high in all of our extensive testing and is certainly one of the best providers today.
CyberGhost VPN
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CyberGhost is a decent VPN provider with a particular focus on unblocking streaming services. But its privacy and security evoke some concerns.
₹278.00 p/m
IPVanish is a reliable VPN provider. With a big focus on security, privacy, secure data storage, and speed, this provider may lack the streaming unblocking capabilities that other providers have, but it excels in that which it is dedicated to.
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Private Internet Access
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Private Internet Access is a popular VPN provider worldwide. And it's not a mystery why: great speeds, a huge server network, and competitive price make it a good VPN. But how good exactly?
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Headquarted in Switzerland, which is known for its unwavering commitment to privacy, ProtonVPN offers more than 1000 servers, including ones that are configured for Peer-2-Peer and TOR.
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PureVPN has been around for 14 years now, and even though it's been a bumpy ride, PureVPn is definitely improving its service. It has a few interesting additional features, that you can purchase on top of your VPN subscription, and is an overall good choice for companies.
₹139.00 p/m
HMA is one of the oldest VPN providers on the market. Founded in 2005, it is still present among the best VPN services in the global rankings. In 2016, the UK based company was acquired by Avast, the largest Internet security developer in Europe.
Relatively few servers
₹190.00 p/m
CactusVPN may have a very small server park and fewer features than some of the other VPN providers, but what it excels at is streaming. The provider can unblock most US-based streaming services and does so with ease!

The ultimate VPN reviews

If you’re reading this, you’ve already scrolled through our top 10 VPN picks. And, hopefully, you have been able to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

However, we know that the world of VPN providers can be complicated and overwhelming, especially if you’re new to VPNs. This is why we’ve decided to list all of the most important features a VPN should have so you can choose the best VPN provider for you!

What does a VPN do?

We will not bore you going into technical details. Besides, we have a whole article dedicated to that specific subject.

In short, a Virtual Private Network makes sure you can access any website on the internet privately and securely. This unique piece of software creates a secure tunnel between your device and your destination on the Internet, making it unreadable to anyone else. Not only that, but a VPN passes your connection through one of its own servers from anywhere in the world, changing your IP and making you appear in a completely different place. That doesn’t just make your connection untraceable back to you, but you can also access websites and services that are not available in your country.

So the question has to be asked: Which VPN does this better? Which VPN does that the fastest? What VPN has the largest selection of servers? Which VPN is the most secure? Well, our reviews are there to help you find the perfect VPN for your needs!

What makes a VPN good?

Unfortunately, there is no one specific answer to this question. Your perfect VPN will always depend on what you use it for.

Do you want your VPN to provide you with absolute security and anonymity? Would you want it to be able to access any and all streaming services from anywhere in the world? Do you want it to access better prices? Would you want it to be able to do all of the above?

Depending on your answer, your choice of VPN can be different. Most providers promise security and streaming unblocking, for example, but they achieve this differently and with different levels of quality.

Price isn’t anything to go by as well. The most expensive VPN might not be the best one. And there are a lot of affordable providers that do a great job. Our reviews will help you sort all of those issues out and find the best provider for you!

Free VPN: any good?

There is no shortage of free VPN providers. So you might be thinking: Why pay for something, if you can get it for free? Well, you can go with the free options, but that’s usually not a very good idea.

Creating and maintaining a VPN service is a difficult and complicated task. The provider has to set up a network of servers and databases, create apps, offer support, constantly develop the app’s functionality in order to keep up with a highly competitive market. As you can imagine, those things don’t come cheap. So if a VPN offers its services for free, it must be making money some other way…

Exactly! And, usually, free VPN service providers do that at the expense of your privacy and online security. Free VPNs often monitor, record, and collect your online activity since everything you do online passes through their services. And after that, they sell it to whoever is willing to pay for it – and that’s usually advertisers (so this is where all of those shoe ads on Instagram are coming from!).

And this is exactly what VPN providers are supposed to protect you from.

VPN for Netflix

One of the biggest advantages a good VPN offers is the ability to change your Netflix library and access content that is not available in your region. By far, the largest library is that of American Netflix. So with the right VPN, a single change of your virtual location can give you access to twice as much viewing pleasure as your local Netflix library.

But what is the best VPN for Netflix? After all, not all of the providers can bypass Netflix’s region restriction, and different providers can access a different number of libraries.

By far, the best VPN to access Netflix content is Surfshark, closely followed by NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

But Netflix isn’t the only streaming service a VPN can help you access. With the right provider you can break down pretty much any barrier the many different streamings service of today impose and get as much content as you could possibly want from anywhere!


Geoblocking is the most irritating thing that streamings services do. But there are there for a reason. Rights to different movies and series might not be available for every country, they can be too expensive or already purchased by local competitors. So this means your streaming experience can be drastically different from another country, even with the same streaming service.

A VPN can help you solve all of these frustrating and unfair issues! You can choose which country you want to stream your favorite content from and access movies, series, shows, and even entire streaming platforms from any place in the world!

VPNs for Popcorn Time

Ah, Popcorn Time. The streaming service before all streaming services with everything you could ever want to watch. 

However, in recent times Popcorn Time has fallen out of favor. Because not all content on the platform is featured legally, rightsholders are fighting hard against the platform in almost every country in the world. And because Popcorn Time uses a specific P2P connection to stream (same as BitTorrent) it is extremely easy to trace and fine the platform users.

A good VPN provider with P2P support can help you keep using Popcorn Time and even access the platform from places it is not banned in.

Top VPNs for Android

VPNs are not just for your PC. Today everything is connected to the Internet, and, hence, everything needs an extra layer of protection.

With Android being the most popular mobile platform in the world, it is a constant target for hackers. And the protection that the devices come with isn’t efficient enough to protect your device from attackers accessing your personal and even financial information through the apps you have installed. So a good VPN for Android devices isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity.

Today’s best VPN providers offer great Android and iOS VPNs that work just as well on any portable device, as they would on your PC or laptop. Not only do they offer protection, but they can also help you save a ton on mobile data and stay safe completely safe when using public WiFi.

Looking for the best VPN for Android? Check out our in-depth article on finding the best one for that particular purpose!

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