The Best Ways To Watch The 2021 NFL Season

The Best Ways To Watch The 2021 NFL Season

‘Tis the season to be excited! And no, we are not talking about Christmas. It’s the NFL that’s got us thrilled!

The 2021 NFL season is finally here, and everyone is raring to go for another year!

The National Football League will commence on the 9th of September 2021. However, the most exciting thing about this year is that teams will be playing for 17 weeks for the first time in all of NFL history!

The first teams to go head to head are the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Super Bowl champs for 2021. A prediction made by ESPN stated that the Kansas City Chiefs have a high chance of winning the Super Bowl for the 2nd time in the last three years, only if their newly built offensive line works out as they are hoping it will.

However, there are some unexpected predictions as well, such as the Seattle Seahawks leading the league, even though they were number seven last season!

Despite the predictions, this is a season that has a lot to promise. And we can’t wait to catch all of it. Friends, Cheetos, Hot Wings, and all!

What’s left is to figure out where can you stream all of the games, and still, not have to sell your left kidney for the opportunity. Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with! So let’s get right on that before the wings get cold and the beer gets warm.

The best tool to help you to watch the NFL from any platform: NordVPN!

Who’s broadcasting the NFL in India?

Even though the NFL is as American as blueberry pancakes, the 4th of July, and Wild Turkey bourbon, the NFL has fans all over the world. However, very few countries actually broadcast the games, and even if they do, this usually requires finding some elaborate streaming platform, that’s trying to justify its existence by making the NFL broadcasts as expensive as they can be.

We know, none of that is fair.

In India, luckily, there are a few ways you can enjoy at least some of the 2021 NFL season, even though that does mean taking out a streaming subscription (unless you already have one). So here’s what we get:

  • FanCode.
    This is an app that broadcasts live matches, scores, statistics, and more.
    But, to get access to this ad-free, fantastic platform, you are definitely going to have to pay up. So, if that isn’t something you are willing to do, it may not be for you.
  • Sony Entertainment Television Network.
    This broadcaster does have the rights to stream the Super Bowl in 2022, but that’s about it for the rest of the season.
    Sony Entertainment Television Network usually focuses on European Football leagues, only giving minor attention to a few of the most significant NFL games. So if you’re a fan, this probably isn’t the platform for you.
  • NFL Game Pass.
    Now, if NFL is basically what you live for, your best bet to follow all of the games is to get yourself an NFL Game Pass. This is the streaming option dedicated to one thing and one thing only: the NFL.
    However, no matter how much of a fan you are, you might not be too keen on the idea to spend all of your money on Game Pass to stream just one season with matches once a week.

NFL Game Pass streaming the NFL

So these are the options we have. And, in all honesty, we have it much better than some of the other countries. But that’s still not good enough.

None of these platforms will give you the exhilarating sport satisfaction you crave without having you spend a ridiculous amount of money. Especially when there are much cheaper and much better alternatives online.

So how can you watch the NFL for free (or at least as cheap as possible)?

The NFL broadcast rights are a rare, exclusive, unattainable unicorn. And this beautiful creature seems to be guarded much better than Fort Knox.

What we’re trying to say, is getting to enjoy some good old red-blooded American football gets tougher year after year. All the while the streaming rights are so all over the place, it’s like doing taxes in your head every year.

But this is us. And take pleasure in doing this tedious research, as long as we can help you out. And we have not left you hanging this year.

So here are some of the best options for streaming the NFL that we have found this year. Some of them are free, some of them not as much, but all of them are much better than the options we have at home.

Let’s take a look at those in the running:

Paramount Plus

If you want to stream these thrilling games in high quality without paying for the Game Pass, Paramount Plus is a solid contender.

With it, you can access all the NFL games with any subscription plan that has the NFL on CBS option. Not bad for just $4.99.

But it’s not all fun and games. Paramount Plus only streams games within the specific region of the US you are in. So, the prospect of using Paramount Plus outside of the US is kind of out of the question.
Paramount Plus streaming some games from the USHowever, where there is a will, there is always a way. And there is definitely a way to watch all of Paramount Plus even from India:

  • First of all, you are going to need a VPN. But not just any VPN, but a VPN that can actually unblock Paramount Plus. And the only one that can do that flawlessly is NordVPN.
  • The next thing you are going to have to figure out is how to pay for the subscription since Paramount Plus only accepts US payment methods. But we’ve got you here as well!
    Simply head on over to US Unlocked and apply for a virtual bank card.

And voila! You’ve got a subscription to Paramount Plus just like that.

Sling TV

Our second option is also a strong one: Sling TV.

It has every sports-related channel, including NBC, Fox, ESPN, and the coveted NFL Network. And, the best part is the price. For just ten bucks a month, you can stream to your heart’s content.

So what’s the problem? The same one as with Paramount Plus, actually: it is only available in the States.
Sling TV streaming the NFL from the USHowever, if the problem’s the same, so is the solution:

  • Get NordVPN.
  • Apply for a virtual US bank card with US Unlocked.
  • Create a Sling Account.
  • Watch the NFL.


If both the previous options aren’t good enough for you, we have an even better option.

ScreenVariety is a platform that allows you to watch most of the games and get the most amazing NFL streaming experience possible.

So, what exactly is ScreenVariety? It’s live TV that doesn’t require cable. Most importantly, it’s where you can stream almost all the NFL matches.

The membership starts at just $6.66 per month, and one membership provides a six-screen limit. In addition, they allow you to access not just the NFL network but also FOX, NBC, ESPN, CBS, ABC, and more!
ScreenVariety streaming the NFL from the USAnd as always, if you aren’t privileged with having an American zip code, you may face some trouble trying to access the platform. So, here is what you can do:

  • Get NordVPN.
  • Go to US Unlocked, apply for your virtual bank card.
  • Access ScreenVariety.
  • Watch NFL (Or anything else, what an excellent investment!).

Ran And Prosieben Maxx

To our surprise, the Germans are providing better NFL coverage than some of these American platforms.

The two platforms – and Prosieben – are broadcasting some regular games, some playoff games, and the Super Bowl. And they are doing it for FREE!

However,  as you may have guessed, these broadcasts are exclusive to German residents. So unless you can travel all the way there, we will have to find another way to make you German. streaming the NFL from GermanyAnd, as always, here is the alternative:

  • Get NordVPN.
  • Connect to a server in Germany.
  • Just tune in and watch.


PlutoTV introduced a deal with the NFL Game Pass last year, and to our absolute delight, they have continued the same deal this year as well!

This is a great place to catch the best NFL moments in history and see all the most recent NFL highlights and reruns of the latest games.

It is completely free, however, it is only in the US.
Pluto TV streaming the NFL from the USSo here is what you do (we’re getting tired of this!):

  • Download NordVPN.
  • Choose a server in America.
  • Access all the NFL-related content you need (or literally dozens of other channels that PlutoTV has to offer).


If you prefer watching just the highlights instead of each game, you have BBC Two for that.

This year it will be broadcasting the Super Bowl and most of the games’ highlights for free. All you need, however, is a BBC iPlayer subscription.

Don't know how to watch BBC iPlayer from India?
Let us help you out!

Unfortunately, the BBC iPlayer is only available for those in Britain. But don’t worry, there’s a much easier way to enjoy the stream than moving. Instead, we will help you trick the platform into believing you are in Britain.
BBC Two streaming the highlights in BritainSo, go ahead follow the same solution as before (tired yet?):

  • Umm, you may be getting sick of reading this, but get NordVPN.
  • Connect to one of their various British servers.
  • Make an account on BBC Two.
  • Now you can stay in the loop and watch the highlights.

So, is there a reason we’re obsessing over NordVPN?!

So, you might be wondering why we are only recommending NordVPN for your streaming missions in every single paragraph. Well, simply because sports rights are tough to get around — meaning platforms that stream sports are also tough to bypass. And the NFL streams are some of the toughest to get to.

So to ‘hack’ your way onto platforms streaming the NFL, you need the best tool out there.

For sure, you can use ExpressVPN or Surfshark to access these platforms, but NordVPN is the only one that will let you stream ALL of it, no matter where you are, without any issues.

Don’t want to pay for NordVPN? Go with Surfshark instead!

We’ve been in the game long, so trust us when we say, that when it comes to streaming, you need the best and toughest quarterback out there. And that’s definitely NordVPN!

It’s game time!

It may seem like a bit of a hassle to watch the NFL if you are not in the US. But it’s definitely worth it.

Despite what you may have heard, rights holders only ever care about making money, and the fans come second.

However, thanks to reliable and effective modern technology, such as NordVPN, our research, and a little bit of dedication, you will be streaming as much NFL, as you want.

So get to it! The game is already on!

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